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How To Increase The Accuracy
of Your Lie-Detection Examination

1. Have a full night of sleep the night before.

2. Have no alcohol or unprescribed drugs in your system.

3. Do not arrive late or rushed for your exam.

4. No gum-chewing.

5. Answer Yes or No with your mouth only
(do not nod or move your head when answering)

6. Remain still during the entire examination;
no moving of hands, feet, neck,
or anything other than your mouth.

7. Don't answer any questions louder than the others.

8. Sit in a position that will remain comfortable
for a few 5-minute chart-collections.

9. No deep-breaths during the chart collection;
breath the same on all questions.

10. Insist that all testing be done
with law-enforcement-agency quality
software that cost $6000 and required weeks
of in-person academy training to use
(some fraudsters are using $100
'Truster'-type software with no training;
this toy software is only 50% accurate,
just like flipping a coin;
they WILL LIE to you about this,
so INSIST on proof of software
ownership and academy training).

11. Do not include any 'fun', 'test', or 'silly' questions;
all lie-detection testing requires 'fear of detection'
(not wanting to be caught or found out) to work
properly, and such 'play' questions will destroy accuracy.

12. When asked for information for 'balancing questions'
(your own name, etc), these need to be truthful or results
of the entire testing will be affected.

13. The 1 to 4 questions you write should be:
--Yes or No answerable
--no 'ands', 'ors' or commas
--up to 15 words long each

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Voice stress polygraphvoice lie detector